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Bathroom humour
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Oh god, I'm hurting myself laughing and I haven't even finished reading it yet.

From metaquotes (via breklor): Why you should never talk on the phone in the bathroom.

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I bet you anything the owner of the cell phone will call in and amuse one of my fellow phone monkeys with his side of the tale

I still haven't read it, but something about dropping the phone in the toilet, pethaps? ;)

Yes, a bit of that in there too, but that part only merits a small titter in the larger amusement of the story. :) It really should be titled "Why you should never talk on the phone in a public bathroom"...

Yeah, me and fimmtiu read that last night to much laughter :-)

*laughs ass half-off*

Thank you SO MUCH for that. Brightened my day by loads, so to speak.

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