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Sleep deprivation is interesting
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So I spent all last night writing and packaging my term research project for Research Methods in Psychology, getting no sleep. Now I'm trying to do a half-assed job of writing a speech analysis report for linguistics. For the past I'm not sure how long I've been transcribing a short passage from Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court into International Phonetic Alphabet.

It's an interesting thing to experience falling into dreams while still nominally awake, conscious, and doing work that requires some brain power. That's part of why I'm not sure how long it's taken to do this transcription. I'd heard of people who'd experienced hallucinations during sleep deprivation but I never understood exactly why that should happen ("I dunno, the brain's a weird thing!"), but having experienced it I understand! It's just the bits of the brain that are in charge of dreaming/sleeping going to sleep/dream without bothering to play nice and wait until the rest of the brain and body are on board with its plan. Every second word I was transcribing would launch me off into a new dream-shard that would take what I was writing and turn it into a mini dream.

I like my head, it's a fascinating place. But now I'm going to put it to bed, because I'm going to get nowhere but to an incomprehensible report at this rate.

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Yeah, it's a bitch. I gave up doing all-nighters ages ago -- the emotional backlash was too nasty, and I wasn't really any more productive past a certain point. Sucks that you're at that point in the semester, but you must be just about done, right?

Just about! I just finished writing my last German test and I have the one last paper to get in—I'm going to half-ass that one. Then I've only the psyc exam on Monday to study for, and the take-home phil exam to write.

I am adding you to my friends list! (It's Cam, just so you know...)

Hey, welcome! Yeah, I guessed that it was you from something you commented on Lindsay's journal.

I haven't been terribly active on here recently, but I hope to be moreso now that I've nearly got the last term behind me. :-)

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