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A big pot of rice, left on the stove for a few days with a tight-fitting lid, will keep and feed one very cheaply. The same pot of rice left more than a few days will release most of its liquid and begin to ferment in its own goopy juices. It doesn't smell that awful though—just a strong scent of yeast and a bit of decay.

This is an important lesson both for eating cheaply as a student and for someone who hopes to make themselves useful as a purveyor of alcohol when the oil crisis turns the clock back to the days of local economies and village life.

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Ha ha! You saw The End of Suburbia too, I take it?

No, I missed it, but I do want to see it. I've been thinking about it on and off for a while now, and more seriously since I read the feature in The Peak that went with the showing they did on campus.

I'm not sure that we can avoid it. Previous energy crises had another source to fall back on—London used wood, ran out of forests, and then turned to the readily-available coal that was previously despised—but we don't have a readily-available alternative that can fully replace oil at the instant its lack starts reverberating through our society. However, if we can avoid it, it can hardly hurt for me to prepare since all the skills I will need in the post-oil world are useful and interesting ones today.

I'm just gonna miss the internet if it comes to pass.

I, too, will miss the Internet.

I have already determined that when the new little villages arise, I will take on the role of a teacher, teaching literacy and English to the new tots of the age. Hell, my English major has to be good for something. Also, I'll be the village storyteller, regaling them with tales from my imagination! lol

I know, I have no other marketable skills, unless somehow a Chapters survives and they need alphabetization done...

In additional to making alcohol, you may choose to run a side business in making yoghurt. (Another thing you can make by leaving pots of organic matter about your house.)

I want to see the End of Suburbia movie but missed the local screening. =(

Yoghurt! Yes, that's an excellent idea, given my love of the stuff. We've enough bee-keeping in the Lower Mainland that I could probably barter for honey to sweeten some of it, too, not to mention the oodles of berry bushes already planted here.

yegods, man. tupperwear and fridge!

Therein lies half the lesson!

Rice Wine party at Kynnins!

Sadly, I'm reluctant to leave rice out long enough to become spontaneously flammable. It went into the toilet. I should read up on how to make proper rice wine, though, since I hear it's actually a beer-like brewing process and therefore much easier than making normal wine.

My God man! Don't you know that one of the most common (and nasty) food poisonings comes from standard rice kept at room temperature during the day? It's really ugly and common from Chinese food buffets.

Rice has some nasty bugs in it. PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE.

(logged in this time)

I didn't know that. Fortunately I only had some after leaving it out overnight one night. Exams, studying, and a weird weekend schedule then happened, so it's just as well that I was too busy to make use of it all.

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