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...And just after posing that last post, I finally got hit by TheGreatHatsby. It's an AIM relay bot that someone hacked together to pick two random AIM accounts off of LiveJournal profiles and send them both the message "i say, old bean, have you seen my hat?" Confusion ensues as both think that the other initiated the conversation, compounded by the fact that most people respond to that kind of thing out of the blue in-kind with more silliness.

Fortunately, I'd already heard of it and I just had to laugh.

Here's the seminal LJ post about the the hat bot, and there's even a community for its victims at themissinghat.

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I had something like that on msn once. "Hahahahaha, check out this picture its so funny![enter link]"

The link would then be passed onto you if you clicked it and then the same would happen.

It sucked, a lot.

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