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Life drawing and KMM
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The regular Monday-night game of D&D was cancelled due to rukun's new-job awesomeness. neomeruru and I got together anyway. Brainstorming things to do came up with Korean Movie Monday, which I had been hearing about since forever but not yet gone to. Korean boys in suits clinched it for her. Then an email list she's on for life-drawing announced a session for Monday, conveniently-timed for before the movie with enough time to transit.

I haven't drawn in a while. I've been doodling a comic that I'm planning on submitting to The Peak (which I need to clean up and submit soon), but it's hardly a technically-advanced piece of work. But, coincidentally, the day before I had unearthed an old sketchbook from an abortive attempt to learn to draw in 1998, while I was digging through my storage locker looking for other things. I took it as a sign and so we spent two hours staring at a naked man and drawing. I have to say that I'm not terribly pleased with how my drawings came out, but the improvement from the first drawing of the first hour to the last drawing of the second hour is quite pleasing. The model (Blair) ended up being an interesting guy and gave us a lift down the hill to boot.

The movie was A Bittersweet Life, an underworld-politics story that follows one character caught in the middle of it all. It was very good. In attendance were a bunch of people I've never met and a few I had (in LJ-land: kindelingboy, kurrs [of course], porphyre). Erin wasn't there, which was a disappointment and a relief both: I don't expect that it would have been Drama, but... well, status quo isn't so challenging, I guess. estrellada showed up during the movie and didn't notice me until the lights came up. We reaffirmed our plans to watch Pom Poko sometime soonish once we get the hang of our during-term schedules. A Navi also fell on me while delivering a hug, which was oh-so-terrible and tragic.

The evening was capped by pizza at Uncle Fatih's and a parting at the SkyTrain station. I got home past my bedtime but I'm feeling good today despite the abbreviated sleep period. It makes so much difference when waking up at Ungodly o'clock to see sunshine rather than inky predawn darkness beyond the blinds.

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I'm going to start going to a life drawing class at www.blim.ca on (every 2nd) Tuesday nights!

I really loved Bittersweet Life. Try to make it out to Save The Green Planet sometime, too. It's the best one ever.

Is that one scheduled for a particular day or is it just something to keep an eye out for?

Something to keep an eye out for. It's also at Applause Video on Commercial X Broadway. If you wanna do our annual get-together, we could watch it. :)

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