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Titanic letdown
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Titan's seas have turned out to just be sand. Shit. Now I know how they felt when they discovered that Mars didn't have canals.

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But it does rain, that's got to be worth something.

They're still guessing about that, but likely true, yeah. Still, the idea of seas and possible extra-terrestrial life, even microbial, was one I was really holding out for. Damn you Clarke!

I'm thinking 2010's references to Europa. Is that what you mean?

You're right! Well, I feel stupid and relieved. Titan's the one with a lot of atmosphere (and so in sci-fi is always a prime location for an outer-system colony), and that's still true.

I just want to complain about the fact the LJ just now e-mailed me this comment.

LJ's a wanker that way...

Yeah, sure, it's not the possibility of seas, but still--I read the article and its pretty damn cool all the stuff they were able to tell about the wind patterns and stuff on Titan just from that one photo. I mean, orbiting a planet so huge that the planet's tidal pull on the atmosphere causes winds? That's pretty nuts right there. Just imagine what it would be like to stand on the surface (in those 300 ft deep sand dunes!) and look up into the sky to see GINORMOUS Saturn with all its rings there and know that that was the reason it was windy?

I love astronomy....

Yeah... I would so be a space-tourist if it was possible.

That reminds me of a certain adult Pierce Anthony novel...

I still haven't read anything in the Space Tyrant series. I keep meaning to, but I never get around to it.

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