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Generally I object to marketing schemes and tactics on principle, and loathe advertisments as a matter of course. At one point I came to realisation that this is rather prejudiced behaviour on my part and felt a vague sort of moral qualm.

I feel a bit better now. I just listened to a commercial on the radio that was, on the surface, witty, a little cheeky, and had personality. The cynic would say that it was engineered to have those qualities, but I say that endearing is endearing, regarless of motive. I mean, they're not engineering it to make baby-eating easier, or to defraud people suffering from dementia.

I liked the commercial because it made me laugh. Uproariously. I'm still heavily armoured against the messages that Corporate America wish me to hear, but I can appreciate the work and creativity that some low-level wonk put into this particular transitory piece of North American culture.

Most ads still suck goat, though.

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I tend to reward good advertising and punish bad advertising. Advertising is often a companies only method of telling me about them or their product. The ad mediums tend to be so shorten and abstract that it must be very difficult to create good advertising.

I have, in the past, switched off of entire products that I had been sadly quite addicted to due only to bad advertising (this is usually accompanied by a letter or an email to the company informing them of this).

Out of curiosity, what product and what ad did you hear? I tend to live in an isolated little world so I may well not have heard of it, but I am very curious!

Out of curiosity, what product and what ad did you hear? I tend to live in an isolated little world so I may well not have heard of it, but I am very curious!

It was a beer commercial, for one of those "only natural ingredients" microbrews. I can't remember the brand but the ads have been playing for a while so I'll try to catch it next time I hear it.

Thank you muchly.

Is it good beer? Have not had their brews myself.

I don't know. I'm not much of a beer drinker since I never really liked the stuff, but I've recently discovered that it all tastes much better if I avoid crap like Canadian and Kokanee and those other volume brand name beers.

I'm thinking about recruiting Maus to educate me in the ways of Good Beer (with lots of field work, of course). Perhaps that one will be covered early in the curriculum.

Or maybe she's tried it already? You'd have to ask her, as I'm sure I'll forget until some stupidly distant time in the future.

Not a beer drinker!?! *shocked expression*

Senor Dude ... there are some many tasty beers ou there. To have only tried major breweries and dimissed the product is like drinking coffee on the ferries and saying that coffee is bad ... or watching only Spy Kids and Spy Kids 2 and dismissing movies ...

next time I am in the same rough place as you, remind me and I will buy you a tasty beer.

I dismissed it (when I was 16 and the only beer around was the cheap stuff at parties), discovered a few actually tasty beers, un-dismissed it, and just haven't had the chance to expand my explorations since then.

Looks like we'll be in the same rough place this Sunday. *g*

The plan already seems to be to buy a large amount of Good Beer and to comport ourselves in a silly manner. Mouse seems very keen on the beer education idea. :D

One time ... at beer camp

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