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Gaming last night was fun despite the tapering-off of energy we all had, and I got home at a decent hour to boot. I slept beautifully and got at least nine hours. Of course, the one night in a while that I do is the one where I really need it, as I discovered on waking to a nasty-sore throat and the dragging tiredness that goes with it. With so many people visiting and visited this weekend I'm not sure where I got it. Well, these things happen.

I only have the one class today, but I have an essay due tomorrow for the same class. I'm going to forego the hour-plus travel time for a mere 50 minutes of class and stay home where there's hot tea and blankets and music and lovely memories of the weekend. It's only a three-page essay, so knocking that down should be within my ability today provided I don't go wandering down the halls of my online haunts.
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I want to play in The Window, too. :(

I *really* hope I didn't make you sick...

From the timing I'm suspecting that's most likely, despite the symptoms being totally different.

But don't worry—as Mouse says, this boy is delicate, ;-) so I'm used to this sort of thing being part of the territory. After all, the alternative would be missing out on great stuff all the time just for the chance of catching something, and that would hardly be any fun... I'd rather be happy and sometimes sick than missing out and never sick!

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