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Photo update
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Originally uploaded by Saxifrage.
I just uploaded a huge backlog of picture from the past couple of months to my Flickr account. This one is one of my favourites in this batch. This one of water droplets on lupin foliage is another, but it really needs to be seen full-screen or as a desktop background to appreciate fully.

Also neat is the in-progress set of time-lapse photos of a gunnera in the neighbourhood. If you go to SFU you might enjoy the photos of those wacky art projects that pop up around campus near the end of term, or the photos of the AQ gardens reflecting pool drained and being cleaned. (What do they do with the koi meanwhile, I wonder?)

I've also started photographically collecting license plates that significantly amuse me. I have a THX, a GCC, a Che, and an Esc so far. And speaking of things that amuse me, I took a photo of the Vancouver Andrew Institute. All you Andrews reading, what clandestine business do you all do there?

Around my neighbourhood, there are a few streets planted with this strange tree. Does anyone know what it is?

Vancouver seems to be infested with mentally-challenged woodpeckers.

I have ordered an orange Never Forget Dinosaur t-shirt from (link removed). Thanks again for the link, you know who you are!

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I'd need a close-up of the leaves.

I love the mentally-challenged woodpeckers.

Also, I added you to my flickr-contacts. Add me back?

That looks gorgeous. Squee. I long for the city already.

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