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I just got out of the shower and started making some 5-minute ramen noodles of a brand I've never had before. I accidentally spilled some of the oil packet. Normally this would just mean carefully disposing of it and then washing my hands and the scissors I used to open it, and any spots of oil that dripped anywhere.

But, AUGH. This shit doesn't come off! It completely ignores dishsoap and it laughs at the lesser hand soap. Maniacal laughter even! This bowl of noodles will have to induce orgasms for me to contemplate ever buying it again.

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Goo Gone is a god! We use it at work to remove the gross sticky stuff left over on CDs when you take off those impossible-to-completely-remove security stickers, and it works so well!

Aaagh! There really is a katydid in mine!

That was a delightfully surreal panel.

Weird. I just sent that comic to a friend of mine who turned out to already be a big fan of it and...

Um, if it's unremovable from furnature with noxious cleaners, try and explain to me why you would want to attempt to ingest it?

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