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So very mockable
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Oh, no matter how they're going to name it, I'm going to buy it. And I think they perfectly knew what would happen if people got to know the name - it has been mocked so often that everybody knows what a Wii is in the intarwebs by now ^^

That's a really good point. I would be surprised if they had intentionally given it a stupid name in order to get publicity, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were thinking, "This is weird and strange and people will talk about it."

And, I'm pretty sure I will be getting one too. :3

The mocking is so fun, though!

It is.

We already planned, first a PS2 because it is so cheap right now and maybe two DS afterwards. And then saving for the Wii ^^

Geek households rock, suddenly everything is only as half as expensive XD

You're right! I hadn't thought of that... But yeah, a PS2 (and Katamari Damacy!) is definitely in the future here too. Between me and fimmtiu, and sometimes darthmaus, I'm sure we've got enough geekiness to make it seem affordable.

Yup, Katamari Damacy and a DDR pad!

Maybe not the DDR pad here: none of us are particular fans of it. We do have the bongos for Donkey Konga, though.

DDR is the only workout that I will ever do voluntarily. The bongo games in the arcades are fun, too, though ^^

[sings] Donkey Konga! doo-doo-dee-doo-doo Donkey Konga!

And I do too like DDR, love, I just suck rocks at it!

Oh, so do I XD because I never get to practise!

Well then, there's more motive to get a marked-down PS2!

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