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Yay phobias
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I discovered a new word today: trypanophobia, meaning the fear of hypodermic needles.


It's nice to have a name put to it. Fortunately, my leet Mental Kung-Fu has gone a long way to wearing it down so far, so that "shudder" is getting nicely vestigial.

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gah. sounds like a dinosaur with a mouth filled with needles. :(

Yeah, I would be so not-good at that. ^ ^

It's evidence of the fading strength of the phobia that it never occurred to be that I might get a bad reaction, and didn't, on hearing about it until now. And it still doesn't bother me!

Yay, progress. It's been ten years, damnit.

Phobias are persistant buggers. As much as I've been working on my truly insane fear of heights, it still sometimes crops up.

Goddamned suspended escalators.

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