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I have made a tasty curry. It's based on a recipe that coraxia gave to me in the winter, but turned into Throw Shit In A Pan Curry in a hurry due to my lack of proper measuring utensils and called-for ingredients. Some butter, curry powder, radishes (in place of apples), and onion all sautéed, then a can of mushroom soup, a cup or two of milk, a can of chick peas and one of bamboo shoots thickened it up. Some more liquid was needed so I tossed in a can of coconut milk, then some more curry since the proportions were way off and it would need more to hold up against the coconut. Simmered for as long as I felt, or until the chickpeas were nicely soft and the bamboo shoots had curry-flavour. Rice made by the Perfect Rice recipe, which never fails, and I have a yummy dinner.

And I made it all without leaving the house! I had all the stuff necessary, which is a novelty for me. This is possibly the first time I've ever cooked anything significant that didn't require a trip to the grocery store. Yay me!

I also just had a Camparinette a.k.a. a Negroni, which redeems the bottle of Campari that I bought several weeks ago only to discover that Campari is nigh-undrinkable on its own despite my appreciation for Brio and a related drink simply called "Bitter". Also, I am pleased by how versatile sweet vermouth promises to be, now that I've acquired a bottle and tasted it. However! A Camparinette is, judging by how floppy my brain feels, quite a strong drink. This is a good thing to remember, and I'm currently telling the voice that is saying, "Ooh, wouldn't it be nice to refresh that glass and mix another?" to shut up and sit down, because it is having Bad Ideas and encouraging me to breach my No Significant Drinking On My Own rule. One drink is usually fine for that rule, but the strength of this one tests the line in the sand.

Back for more curry now, and I think I will tuck into a bit more of the copy of Charles Stross' Iron Sunrise (mind the giddy school-girl writing that review) that I bought last week. It is good stuff. I first got a taste for his sci-fi-ish fiction through his freely-downloadable novel Accelerando, which is about the information-technology explosion and the acceleration (thus the name) toward the point at which humans were only an organic component in a vast information-processing universe.

Anyway, curry.

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Good rule, love; I've got one like that too despite my deep and abiding love of wine.


Although, um, I do doubt the wisdom of listening to NIN on one's own...! ;-)

You know I'm lyrics-deaf. :-) If the tone of the music is wrong I just flip it to the next random track, too.

I've heard of Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda, which sounds like it would do the trick (an "Americano", I think). But then, considering the amazing things that simple tonic can do to gin, I can see soda all by its lonesome doing something similar for Campari.

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