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Yesterday I had one of those Vancouver moments (or maybe a Drive moment). I was in Dollar Groceries with darthmaus when who should I run into but my old building manager from when I lived on East Pender. We chatted a bit and then went our own ways.

Walking out, we had the perennial conversation about how small Vancouver is, and she said something about how Commercial Drive is really a neighbourhood where you can just run into people. This, just as I spotted estrellada down the block coming our way. We stopped and chatted for a bit. Just as I was commenting on the small-town effect again, who should appear but rainbowk from around the corner we were standing on.

And she was heading to JJ Bean to see silverseastar. Such a small town.

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...and I ran into baywolf today at Broadway Station, catching the 99.

Weird! I want my anonymity back! ;-)

I told you someone would be at Uncle Fatih's to run into. He was just a day late!

There is no longer anonymity ... anywhere.

Are you serious? Are you running into people you know in Thailand. Goddamnit!

I love the small town feel of vancouver. I also love it when that happens to me in San Francisco like all the time.

I also quasi-ran into <lj user=_greenwitch_ on the way home. It was just that sort of a day.

okay, so I obviously messed up that lj tag...

I also ran into _greenwitch_ on the way home. It was that sort of day.

That's right, the passing-in-the-car-waving thing.

So tiny.

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