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Ramen love
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I love ramen noodles, but I want to make my own soup rather than ingest piles of MSG with every bowl. Does anyone know of a source for dry ramen noodles in a style similar to that found in packaged instant ramen?

Recipes to go with them would also be warmly received.

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T&T sells MSG-free ramen...

But do they sell ramen in large packages without the flavouring packets?

Mostly, if I've got time, I just toss the packet and use my own broth. I either make broth, or get it out of a can. I will often cook some meat in the pan first and then throw the water noodles and brother stuff (whatever I happen to be using) in the pan with it once it's cooked.

I'd do that but for the eco-guilt that would come from throwing away all those flavour packets, not to mention the quantity of plastic that individually-packages ramen entails.

Clearly that is an issue. As I said, I'll check around and see what I can find.

You can buy noodles of various sorts if you have an ethnic market near you - some of them are actually quite good pan-fried with a little seasoning. That seasoning might have major MSG in them, but as the people above have said, you make your own seasonings, you make the rules about their nutrition content.

I went to a nearby foody place that caters to the mostly Asian ethnic population around here and they do have a lot of noodles, but none that were close to the kind that one finds in a package of ramen noodles. I did find something that's sorta similar, but it was straight noodles and thinner, and when cooked they didn't have the same consistency.

Really, what I want to be able to do is have a bowl of ramen noodles, just like out of the packages, but with my own soup stock substituted. And, as I replied to Grey Weirdo, I want to find it in bulk so that I don't have to throw away all that plastic packaging and the flavour packets. The noodles are everywhere in individual packets—you'd think they'd be available just by themselves someplace...

If I remember properly Ramen Noodles that come in the instant packs are flash fried (or something) so they'll be cooked when you get them so you do want to find a noodle that also is done that way. I think I know of a company that does big bags of them. I'll have to check out the local store and see what they've got

My co-worker calls the little foil packets that come with ramen "poison packets".

I too love the ramen, but if I eat too much I find I get a bit twitchy and spacey, presumably from the MSG.

Good luck.

If I find anything I will post a report for my ramen-loving brethren!

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Rice noodles, as in the ones that go clear when cooked and are sometimes called vermicelli? Those might make a good substitute, and would probably be better for me than the flour noodles used in ramen.

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You are a veritable font of tasty information

Mm, sounds like a trip to T&T is in order, unless the nearby Donalds has the right stuff.

So for making noodle soup, the basic process would be to make the soup base to taste, then take it off the burner and throw in the noodles for a few minutes before serving?

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Re: You are a veritable font of tasty information

I did notice a preponderance of food-related posts in your journal. :-)

I keep thinking that you ought to know fimmtiu, who is a friend of mine who also devotes a lot of his journal to the making and eating of food, though most of his cooking has been on the baking side of things.

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