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Update, update, jiggedy-jig
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I haven't updated in a bit with anything significant. I'm going to have to do summary-type things at this rate.

Last weekend went to Whistler with Maus and her other sweetie D. It was sunburny, mountainous, tasty, adventuresome, and expensive. We went up Whistler Mountain by gondola and chair lift, taking far too many pictures. (To follow.) The next day we kayaked around on Alta Lake before going down the river. It was much higher and swifter in its middle bits than the lazy beginning indicated, and we each got stuck a few times in some frightening undertows involving trees extending into the water. We made it safely, though due to having to paddle for our lives there are no pictures. (There are reasons I don't like the idea white-water kayaking, and this was nowhere near that challenging. Gimme an ocean and a good kayak any day.) In between there we had dinner at Umberto's and at Araxi, both of which were stupendously tasty. The Green Risotto at Araxi was excellent, and motivates me to make risotto again soon.

Working backwards more now.

The weekend before was my birthday. There was games, many people around me enjoying themselves, a broken couch (my bad), rheall and shannara visiting for the weekend, and in many ways much excellence. I can't say enough about the greatness of that weekend.

The weekend before that was neomeruru's birthday crab dinner, which was awesome. After was going to Shannara and Rheall's Commencement, which was also awesome. My own was boring and hot, and I expected it to be equally patience-trying. Much to my delight, though, it was wonderful to see such a significant moment, not only for those we were there to see, but for everyone on stage. It's a small and huge moment at the same time. Seeing people stepping out of their formative years and into their future lives is impressive and awe-inspiring in some way. It was great to be there for them both. It was also good to see Caroline again, down for Commencement.

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Sounds like some much deserved good times.

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