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Water quality
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For future reference for myself (and anyone else interested): the Vancouver Coastal Health authority's Beach Water Quality index.

As of the last weekly sample, Wreck Beach Trail 7 is showing at ~25% above the maximum safe coliform count, which means no swimming this week. Damn.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, it's definitely a graded risk rather than a binary one. The 200 count / 100 mL is the offical safe level and those are always conservative. I suppose it's comparable to the risk of getting a cold: some things will increase your chances significantly, but even then not everyone in the same position will catch cold.

I'm sure there are a lot of Wreck visitors who are still swimming this week! It's been gorgeous for it.

Oh! Thanks for the tip. I was hoping to head down to Wreck this weekend.

We were planning on going Friday too. I think we'll still go, but we might just refrain from swimming. The report is dated June 22 so it's not as current as it might be, but whether the next sample will be lower or higher, I won't trust wishful thinking on.

I think most of those warnings are really just to save face incase someone does become sick, finds that the levels were above the maximum safe count, and ends up suing the city or something. I'm sure it won't actually do you any real harm unless you're living in it for quite a long time with the immune system of a month-old dish-washing sponge.

I'm sure the weather will be great to go walking down the beach at any rate. =)

Well, I was out swimming with friends on the 25th, I swallowed plenty of water because there were waves hitting me in the face, and all of us were fine. Even me and my sensitive stomach.

You're probably okay if you want to risk it.

And dude, I really need to get a bathing suit...the water near my house is some of the cleanest in the city.

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