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Went to Wreck! Was sunny. Waded some. Didn't die. Burned a bit. Met Tyler the Vegan Pirate by accident. Finished assignment on time. Visiting friends tomorrow. Life is good.
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Hah, must have crossed on the stairs or something.

Did you try a cookie or a truffle from the Pirate? They're good.

Mouse got a truffle and I got to try a bite. They are very good.

Was there in the evening, after work. Took a turkey wrap to munch on. Was nice, sitting, not burning. Stayed out of the water though, because of *YOUR* warning! Stayed until sundown and then watched the police helicoptpr buzzing everyone and shinning the bright spotlight all around. Then a couple cops actually showed up and told us we had to leave because the beach closed at sunset. Got to the to and there were four police cars parked up there. WTF???

I changed my mind on the wading after hearing the experiences of a few other people. I figured that it was close enough to the official limit that some careful wading was in order, since official limits tend to be on the conservative side.

Still not dead yet!

I think that was a cover story. We left at sundown and headed up before the helicopter started buzzing in earnest but after the cruisers had arrived at the top. There was a couple at the top who were giving a statement to an officer in one of the cars just as the two cops that you mentioned headed down Trail 7. My guess is that there was an Inappropriate Incident and they were clearing out the beach to flush the culprits.

Well, I haven't heard anything about it since so I guess it wasn't all *that* bad, whatever happened.

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