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Photos uploaded
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Eye-stabbing ad
Originally uploaded by Saxifrage.
I haven't uploaded the Whistler photos yet, but I've uploaded all the backlog that I took before the trip that was holding them up. They should be up soon, for some value of "soon".

This photo I find particularly amusing because it looks to me like she's stabbing herself in the eye. The ad copy is "Surgery Can Wait". In my head, this always finishes with "...because I'm busy stabbing myself in the EYE." I mean, seriously, she's holding it like a hypodermic that she's fully prepared and expecting to launch into her cornea. It doesn't help that it's for "collagen filler", which makes me want to stab my eyes out.

There are a bunch of other, less eye-stabby photos there. If you go to my photostream, there are three new pages to quickly browse through. (You can skip the oodles of ducks if you like, making it really only two pages.) The three photos of roses are particularly nice, I think. There are also photos of our fetching visitors during that weekend.

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That ad drives me completely batty. Most of the time I ignore it because if I paid attention I'd spend too much of my time ranting about what a complete piece insanity bunkum it is. *pant pant pant*

It took me forever to get beyond the compulsion to put "I'm stabbing myself in the EYE" into her mouth and actually notice what it was for. I was glad I had the stabbing-distraction to fall back to, because the thinking behind this product and ad are just... Bad, Wrong, and Shouldn't Happen.

The assumption of surgery in that ad makes me so, so angry.

I know! Thus more with the eye-stabbing.

It makes me shake my head and wonder: is that just the ad manipulating perception of the norms for advertising impact, or is that a reflection of current norms (seeing how out-of-touch I am with mainstream norms)? A little of both at least, obviously, but how much makes me wonder.

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