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Whiskey in the jar-o
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Went to Reg Hackett's birthday bash at the Shebeen tonight. It's a whiskey bar on Gaoler's Mews, which is an alley that you can only get to by going through the Irish Heather on Carral Street in Gastown. The whiskey was good, as was the venue (I loved the birch tree and the ivy), and the company left no want.

I had quite a bit, and it was all good. I started with an Old Fashioned, though I didn't much care for how it was mixed. I followed that by some Oban double-aged, then a something I can't pronounce that was two words that both started with A and the second ended in a silent "dh" that was nice and buttery and on special that night. Followed that with a Manhattan, then some Glenmorangie port-casked, then another Manhattan at last call. The scotch was good. I'm just sorry I didn't try the "peat monster" that was on the menu. Next time.

I met a couple of charming women, Lara (which I am likely misspelling since I didn't ask after the exact spelling) and Lindsay, who chatted with me right at the beginning, making me feel welcome when I didn't recognise anyone except Reggie and Tanya. Later I also got to talk to Geoff, Leah, Matt, Loren, Sandy a bit, Shawn briefly, Tanya and her boy (whose name I never got), Reggie himself, and a handful of other people I didn't get formally introduced to. And possibly someone(s) I'm forgetting and really oughtn't, but I'm sure I'll remember in the morning if that's the case.

The place, as I mentioned, is really neat. It's side-on to the same alley that the balcony of Club 23 West looks out over, and we could see that it was crammed full of half-naked, PVC-wearing club-goers. I know some of y'all were there tonight, but I didn't recognise anyone from where I stood. It did look like the club was pretty packed, though. I hope it was a good Sin City! Lara noticed early in the night a pirate in full poofy shirt and sword-belt walking down the alley just outside the gated Gaoler's Mews. I can only guess he was heading to Sin City.

It was a great night, and the whiskey is still doing a quiet little dance on my GABA receptors. The nice thing about hard liquor is that it has all the drunk-making of weaker alcohol, but it's a sharper, clearer drunk. Or maybe that's just how I am with whiskey. Anyway. 'Twas good, and it would be neat to run into Lindsay and Lara on the Drive sometime. They seem like interesting people who'd be worth getting to know more, or at the very least to have a few passing conversations with again.

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This might sound weird, but as you were telling me about it last night I was in a sense glad I wasn't there with you -- not because it wouldn't have been fun if I was, but because it would have been different. You wouldn't have had the same experience.

I find that the drive to meet new people is somewhat lessened by being there as a couple, and that changes the nature of the interaction -- and of course the experience of meeting charming women is different with your girlfriend on your arm, even for poly folk :)

Not that meeting people together is bad -- I love meeting people *with* you too -- but I am glad that we're still able to do both.

I'm not quite articulating this right; maybe when you wake up your hung-over brain will be able to understand what I'm trying to say.

(And maybe your hung-over hands will make me a latte.)

You can get to Gaoler's Mews in other ways, but they're closed after business hours.

There was a nifty plate-sized sundial installed there, but some idiot bent the gnomon sometime in summer 2005.

It seems like a really neat part of town. We all marvelled that it existed, tucked out of sight of the "normal" Vancouver. I think I'm going to explore around there at some point. Where's the sundail?

It's near the entrance on Carrall Street - the archway behind the statue of Gassy Jack.

ThatGuy accidentally lost your e-mail, and wanted to confab about you possibly coming over to play boardgames this weekend - could you e-mail him again? Hope we see you!


I would like, but I'm moving this Saturday. He called a while ago and told me about it and I couldn't remember what I was doing... But yeah, moving.

Have him send an email to my livejournal email account (listed on my info page) and I'll email him back from my "real" account where LJ sends that mail. I'll include my new phone number as a bonus treat!

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