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Mahna Mahna!
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darthmaus and I are listening to Cake performing "Mahna Mahna". It is many kinds of awesome, some of which only exist in a special folded part of time-space where awesomeness is not bounded by the macroscopic laws of this universe.

Mahna mahna!

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Doo Dooooo de doo doo!

That song will never leave my head now... =)

Someone covered Mahna Mahna?

And no-one told me of this?

I demand immediate rectification. Where can I find such things?

I found it pretty quick on Gnutella. Or, you can download it from this yousendit link that someone set up...

It's off an album called For the Kids. There's a Sarah McLachlan cover of "The Rainbow Connection" on there, among other things. That Amazon link has a track listing.

Ah, have it now. Rather interesting.

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