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Registration was painless again this time. I seem to keep registering for courses that people just aren't clamouring for. I don't see why not:
  • LING 222: Intro to Syntax
  • PHIL 341: Philosophy of Science
  • PSYC 210: Intro to Data Analysis in Psychology
  • PSYC 221: Intro to Cognitive Psychology
Who wouldn't clamour for that all-star lineup?

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If I could process it, I would definitely take it!

Unfortunately, it would probably make my brain 'splode.

It all makes much more sense after taking the first-year courses. ;-)

I used to TA PSYC 221. Pray that you get Richard Wright--he is much better than Spalek, more interesting and quirky.

I do have Wright, according to the schedule. Awesome.

What's the course load like?

Last time I taught it was five quizzes in the tutorials adding up to 20% of the final mark; I think there was an attendance thing (I taught it three years ago, mind), and then the midterm and the final, which were completely multiple choice.

So honestly, it's not that bad. The quizzes are made by your TA, though, so depending how difficult your TA is, they will vary.

If they still have the same structure, it sounds perfectly matched to my learning style. I'm looking forward to this class.

Agreed! Although I took 303 Perception with Spalek and 330 Attention with Wright. Wright.. sometimes he is hard to take seriously and you often wonder if he cares about anything other than cell phones. He'll let you off early if he feels like it, etc.. he has a few quirks that I don't like. However he's probably one of the most engaging PSYC profs you'll run into, and he definately knows his stuff. He's great to talk to -- very personable.

Spalek is also great to talk to, but his lectures can be excrutiating. He tends to read off of powerpoint slides. Just that. And that's it. He does know his stuff too, but it doesn't come across as passionate.

zzzzzzz.....huh? wha?!?

I didn't get what I wanted! Mostly because the 300-level psychology classes I want aren't being offered this semester. I wanted 335 Sensation, or 386 Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience, or 387 Human Neuropsychology, or
PSYC 388 Biological Rhythms and Sleep.. not a single one was offered! I'm taking a selected topics though.. on EEG / Event Related Brain Potentials with MacDonald which I think should be pretty interesting.

I didn't take Data Analysis or Cognitive at SFU, but I took them at Douglas -- those courses are really fun. Data Analysis at Douglas was kinda dry, but it's what you make of it. I think you'll like it.

I'm expecting the Data Analysis to be my augh-this-is-work course, since philosophy, ling, and cognitive science is all lovely brain-candy to me while crunching numbers and doing best-practices is just work. Still, a good thing to be good at, so I'm not dreading it either.

We get to share a class

Awesomeness! And from the sound of the comments above, it will be an excellent course.

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