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Gay storks raise chicks
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Reuters newsclip and video of gay stork couple in Netherlands zoo

I've been busy and away from LJ for the last little while. Now that school's over and I have a break before it starts again in September, I'll probably start posting and reading again.
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There are birthday munchies Monday evening at our place. I sent you an evite, but no response from you yet. Maus is invited also.

*checks mail* Ah! I will see how Maus is feeling about partyness for Monday.

Sure...not exactly a party. More like a "munch and hang out". Low key is key! No gifties necessary.

That sounds lovely and Mouse agrees! We'll be there, and possibly bring Dennis with as well. But you can definitely put us two on the "confirmed" list.

Dennis is welcome :) Please answer online though as it tallies the numbers for me.

Done! I included Dennis and Mouse in my RSVP.

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