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Ah, the weekend
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What I did this weekend:

  • Saw X-Men (the first) finally
  • Drank lots of tea
  • Had tasty brunch with lots of people
  • Watched smegloads of Red Dwarf
  • Peered into a Hell portal discovered under a garden
  • Watched Le Moulin Rouge for the third or fourth time
  • Banished the spawn of Ungoliant
  • Saw The Matrix Reloaded
  • Watched a fish with a teeny little mouth eat a big-ass prawn
  • Watched a teeny little snake eat a meal twice the size of its head
  • Talked with a lot of cool people
  • Helped take some naughty nice photos
  • Played The Hulk before it's on sale
  • Acquired a big stupid grin