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Special Edition Giant Robot Davie Bowie
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I have weird dreams. The last bits I remember dreaming about this morning was all about the special Gold Edition of Giant Robot Davie Bowie. This was a re-release of the original Giant Robot David Bowie, the difference being that this edition had a Giant Robot Soul it it, contained in a hidden room and in the shape of a giant Greek letter alpha.

People were using it as an office building. I don't know what it looked like from outside among the rest of the buildings of the city because I spent most of the dream in a small giant robot/vehicle suit infiltrating Gold Giant Robot Davie Bowie, looking for the secret Giant Robot Soul Room. There were conveyor-belt highways inside, and the people using it as an office building didn't like us being there. We eventually found it off the back of an elevator shaft. It was a big echoing chamber stories and stories tall, with a big huge α at the bottom.

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If only Mecha Steisand was there too!!

One of the many wonderful things about sharing a bed with you is hearing your nutty dreams when you wake up :)

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