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Free hugs!
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There were people with a sign at Broadway Station this morning giving out free hugs. "Free hugs!" they were saying, "Who wants a free hug? Get a free hug!" I saw at least two people run up to them for hugs as I walked by in my rush to catch the Millennium train. I would have liked to stay and watch, but at that time of morning it's hard to catch the Production bus since it's so full. So instead I just left for school with a huge grin on my face. It's a shame, too, because I ended up being a half-hour early for class.

(If this makes no sense, you probably haven't seen this yet: Free Hugs.)

Judging from the Wikipedia article on the Free Hugs Campaign, it's spreading!

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Oh, wow! That's amazing! If you see them again, I hope you manage to take them up on a hug; I know I would. =)

That's so neat. I love the idea. We need more of that kind of thing in this world.

I haven't had a chance to email maus back but I was thinking of popping by after work on Thursday to drop off something, will you guys be around?

I think so -- about what time would that be? Let us know and we'll make sure at least one of us is around :)

I think that should be fine. saxifrage00, please pipe up if I've forgotten about something of vital importance happening on Thursday evening!

WICKED!! I was hoping someone would have the courage to start that in Vancouver (alas, I am a joiner but not much of a leader). And Broadway Station is such a perfect place for it!

I hope they stay for a long time, because I want to join them :) Ever since I saw that video (which made me all teary, but I am a suck) I've wanted to do that.

the free hugs thing is great, but i wonder how much longer it can go before walmart starts selling the 'free hugs' signs, somebody gets the brilliant idea of signing up members and scheduling . . . .

i loved your post on the dalai lama; he may be the only person on earth whose job is to think kindly of the rest of us, and he may also be the only person trying to do good who WON'T be hijacked by capitalism.

Thanks for sharing that.

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