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School insanity, D&D, Jesus, student politics
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So what have I been up to all these silent weeks?

Week 7 (which was two weeks ago—I keep track of school weeks, not calendar days so much) was nutty. I had a midterm, a presentation, and a paper all due in the same class, and another midterm on top of that a few days after. Thankfully that's in the past. Since then I've been trying to get back in a rhythm that actually includes more than school–eat–web surf–sleep, but I tend to like my ruts. 'Course, that doesn't explain where I've been the weeks before at all, does it?

What else? I've been running a game of D&D for darthmaus, fimmtiu, and baywolf on the weekends that we're all available. Last night was session 12, which is, I think, a record for me without burning out. It's amazing what preparing before games does for the stress level. I'm much happier with the 3rd edition rules now than I used to be. The irritating gimmicky material that Wizards has been putting out doesn't bug me so much because it's plain that I can pick-and-choose among their books to avoid the worst of it. The systematisation of the rules, as compared to 2nd edition, is brilliant in a lot of ways. I still think that d20 is unsuited for many kinds of game play that I'm interested in, but for good-ol' hack-n-slash and dungeon-delving, it works nicely.

This Saturday past we went to the Parade of Lost Souls for a couple hours before heading to bioentropy's house party where Tarkin were playing. I dressed as Jesus, complete with crown of thorns made from brambles. Since people often remark that I look like him whenever I have a beard grown out and my hair down, I figured it would be a simple and easy costume. A tunic and some wrapped cloth tied with a length of rope, plus the crown and contacts (to not have to wear glasses), and it was done. What I didn't expect was the reaction of the crowds! Walking down the street I was followed by a wave of murmurs and exclamations. "Jesus!" "Look, it's Jesus!" "Oh Jesus!" People stopped me to have their picture taken with me a few times, and one girl at Broadway Station just couldn't get over how much I "looked like" Jesus. I have the right build and facial structure plus non-fake beard and hair. I guess that the lack of obvious fakeness, the strength of Jesus as an icon, and my closely matching the popular conception of what He looked like was a pretty powerful combination. I'm still kinda stunned by it. It was a lot of fun, though.

SFU has been interesting lately. There are a bunch of (ex?) directors of the Student Society who have been conducting themselves in ways that people have been taking exception to, as well as making some very controversial decisions and some questionable measures to defend those decisions. It culminated (at least most recently) in a meeting of more than 1,000 students convening in the centre of campus to impeach seven of them while the directors in question insisted that the meeting was invalid because... well, it's complicated. Regardless, a thousand people showing up for a meeting to impeach you, where the various motions to impeach passed by 85% to 99% of those present, should contain some kind of message regardless of the supposed validity of the meeting. The former President tendered his resignation today at least, though the reasons given were due to the evident lack of trust in the current board rather than accepting that the impeachment occurred.

Anyway, that's student politics for you: give a bunch of kids a couple million dollars to dispose of, add some potential conflict-of-interest issues and interpersonal and political rivalries, and they all have a little difficulty thinking dispassionately.

What else? Mm, I can't think of anything else yet. Oh, there will be pictures of the Jesus costume soon enough, so stay tuned for that.

So, what have I missed these past three weeks?

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Yay, you're alive! And I definitely want to see your Jesus costume. A friend of mine regularly goes out during Carnival and Halloween dressed as demonic priest, carrying a cross on which a Kermit the Frog plushie is nailed on. He regularly gets talked to on the street as well, with varying reaction. You two together would probably cause a traffic jam ;)

Not much has happened over here. Daily life has taken us back with incredible speed ^^ also Cthulu one shot session with twelve people tonight :D

Lime and Basil cookies supplanted by brownies.
Everthing else was just "stuff".

My second thought was, "You also look like John Frusciante."

Although you would receive less attention...

I'm quite curious about the picture though.

I can see the resemblance. :) The picture is up at my flickr account: http://flickr.com/photos/saxifrage/tags/jesus/

I'm going to make a proper photopost with them at some point.

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