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Temporary lockdown
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I've been getting a flood of weirdos on IM lately and it looks like they've found this LJ somehow too. Your comments won't show up immediately if you're not on my friends list already, for now. Hopefully I'll have a (friends-locked) story to tell when I figure out what the hell their problem is. Until then, any of you weirdos want to tell me?

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I want to tell you that we should do a werewolf film night of "In the Company of Wolves" with Gingersnaps.

Gah. Trolls sucks. What do they spam you with?

Just insults and nonsense. I thought it was a bot at first because they all started messaging about the same time. One of them was sending picture links too, but I'm not stupid enough to fall for a goatse link.

Yuck, that's creepy :( Hopefully they'll just give up and go away and do something more useful.

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