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Samuel L. Hamster
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Photo of the Day, 5th December, 2006:

Samuel L. Hamster, originally uploaded by Saxifrage.

sturdy_manakin is doing a Photo of the Day thing as a way to get taking more pictures and posting more often. Since I've kinda fallen off the Blogowebnets in the past term and haven't been using my camera much either, I'm going to follow his lead.

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I have noticed the photoblogging, if such an ugly word applies. I think it's perhaps the more visual types who do that. Or is it just an extension of the music/mood thing? I was doing "current book" for awhile, but then I got tired of putting in the html every time I posted.

I think it's appealing to a particular sort of person, yeah. I don't think I'm quite that sort, but I do like taking pictures.

Yay, Sammy Hamster! It makes me smile to see him in his little cage, while I am here in Burnaby in my little cagecubicle. Caged rodent solidarity!

(I think his cage is nicer than mine. Except that he doesn't have a picture of you on his cubicle wall.)

He did have a bounty of food though. What you can't see in this picture is how full his cheeks are. When he was done putting food in his face he tried to get into his house, but they were so full that he had to kind of wiggle in one cheek at a time and almost didn't fit.

You can see it a bit better here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saxifrage/315024265/

Eeee, he's adorable. =D

I like the idea of this "photo of the day" thing; can't wait to see what else you do with it!

My hope is that I take more pictures so I'll have a bunch to choose the most interesting one from each day. This isn't the best picture: out of focus, bars in the way a bit, not the greatest composition otherwise. But it's a start! :-)

I've thought about doing that before (perhaps even creating a separate journal for it). But it just seemed like so much work... but the thought remains appealing.

Oh! And gosh that hamster is fuzzy... ^_^

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