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Samuel L. Hamster: The Return of the Hamster
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Photo of the Day, 6th December, 2006:

Samuel L. Hamster, originally uploaded by Saxifrage.

This is me needing to get out more often. Tomorrow will be a photo of something other than Sam at feeding time, I promise!

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*dies of cute*

If you keep posting more images of Sam my death-by-cute mortality rating will vastly increase.

Really? I thought you were "eating out" more often?:P

Yeah, but I've not gotten out as much this week due to that not-having-classes thing. And I'm trying to cut down on eating out because it's hard on the wallet.

And if you meant something other than restaurant dining with those scare quotes, it went right over my head. :)

Yeah, eating out is hard on the wallet, I've done that a few too many times=)
Scare quotes?
Mmmm, in that case, I'll be sure to use them in the future;)
You're so sweet I kind of feel like scum sometimes.

It's a special kind of mental kung-fu. It lets me say the dirtiest things with the best intentions, and leaves me free of the mental imagery I inflict on others. It's great.

But in that case I'd just woken up and wasn't the sharpest spoon in the drawer, is all.

Yeah: Scare quotes

No. Not something other than this. I demand more pictures of Samuel L. Hamster!

I'm sure there will be more adorable rodent photos in the future, just few enough to avoid turning this into SamBlog: All Sam, All The Time.

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