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Exam and worldbuilding notes
In other news, I had my first of three exams today and I'm pretty sure I rocked it. Yay.

In other other news, I've been slowly working on a game setting that I plan on using at some point. For the system I'm going to use d20 Modern modified for use in a fantasy setting, which seems ass-backwards at first but has a lot of interesting advantages. For one, combat and stuff is more deadly due to the Massive Damage rule, and for two it's more flexible in terms of character creation and modularity of magic systems. I primarily want to get away from the Vancian style of magic that riddles vanilla d20 and use something a little less mundane, more flexible, more creative, and more flavourful in its stead. Right now I'm leaning toward using the system laid out in an independent supplement called The Elements of Magic.

Most of the stuff I've been doing so far has been in the areas of rules systems and GM-only world information, but some player-facing stuff has recently started showing up. I've got some random (unfinished, unproofread) bits of fluff and semi-crunchy stuff visible at the "Fluff previews" page of the wiki I'm using to organise my notes. There's some other crunchy stuff that might be of interest linked from the Main Page, too.