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Christmas party 8
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Photo of the Day, 8th December, 2006:

Christmas party 8, originally uploaded by Saxifrage.

Last night we were at darthmaus' work Christmas party 'til late, so I didn't get a photo up yesterday. I still took some though, so today is a twofer. This is one of the more amusing ones that I took last night. There was an open bar. 'Nuff said, I think.

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Was that at the operating engineers' hall?

That was one of the Marriat's downtown. The Renaissance or Riverview or some junk.

Ah, they laid out the big bucks...

They're not stingy about the Christmas party, no. The open bar alone must have cost them a small fortune, nevermind the excellent food.

awesome shot! I will have to go through my archives to find some of my favorite drunken-group-of-strangers photos. Always a good time.

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