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New chair
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Photo of the Day, 9th December, 2006:

New chair, originally uploaded by Saxifrage.

My new chair. Thrilling!

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Oh awsome! It looks like a lie back and type deal, never seen one before.

Not quite that big. The bottom part is for your knees, the top part is for sitting on. It actually makes you sit a lot more vertically, not so much horizontally.

A lie-back chair would be awesome, but would be an assload of space.

Ohh is that one of those knee ones? I've sat on them in the store and they're comfortable but I've always wondered what hours of sitting would do to you..

Yep. I guess I'll find out!

I have toyed with the idea of getting one of those ...

how are you finding it?

Ooooooh!! Right! I was supposed to get back to you about that! *kicks self for forgetting*

Well, congrats on the new chair. =D I hope you enjoy it!

That's alright! It would've been a nice bonus, but there's really nothing like trying it out personally to get an idea of how it suits.

I'm liking it so far. :)

Sit on the top part, put your feet on the bottom part, and you can slouch like normal!

Oooooh! It Thrills me!

BTW I am totally stoked that you are doing a PotD. It has been pretty fun for me so far, and i am glad that mundane things qualify. Keep it up! :D

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