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Christmas tree
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Photo of the Day, 11th December, 2006:

Christmas tree, originally uploaded by Saxifrage.

It was windy today, as you can tell by the mildly catastrophic photo.

It's hard to do a Photo of the Day thing. Since I've made it a rule for myself that the photo has to be taken the day of, I have only as many hours in the day to post the photo as come after the time of the photo. I'm also much better at remembering to take the photos than I am to post them. So, this one's a few hours late.

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Oh! What time was that? I was grabbing coffee in the afternoon and although it was lean-y it wasn't quite like that.. yet!

Poor tree, there's something really sad about this picture!

That was at 4:18:31 according to the timestamp on the photo.

It is really sad.

A thought might be to have a sort of "photo of yesterday" concept - that would help with the time constraints in getting photos taken and posted..

Is that timestamp screwed up? Or was I just really out last night? I totally do not remember you getting out of bed at 2am to post this :)

I couldn't sleep and decided to get up until I could. I nudged you and said so, and you mumbled and said "love you". I guess you weren't really awake. :-)

I have been giving myself some leniency on the PotD by allowing photos that I took at other times. Although your version is interesting... might lead to some amusing pics taken way late at night, in order to scoot under the deadline :)

It might at that! The only trouble with late-night photos is that you've got to be creative about lighting and composition to avoid (or use) blur.

I've pondered doing it without that extra rule, but then it wouldn't get me out and taking pictures again. On the other hand, the Photo of the Day series would be of better quality overall if I used photos I'd taken at other times. Maybe I'll switch it up at some point and see how that works.

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