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Blurry confused cherry
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Photo of the Day, 12th December, 2006:

Blurry confused cherry, originally uploaded by Saxifrage.

Poor thing thinks it's spring already.

I'm late with the Photo of the Day again. Last time it was this late was due to a Christmas party, this time it's due to buying myself Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as a done-the-term present. I was up far later than I planned on being and totally forgot about the Photo fo the Day.

For the icing on that tardycake, the photo is blurry. I'd forgotten to put my camera back in my jacket when I left yesterday, so I had to restort to my cellphone camera. It's not a bad camera, but lacks flash, focus control or even auto-focus, and is slow (and therefore not great in any light less than very bright). So this is what happens when I forget my camera: blurry meant-to-be macro shots have to pass as the photo of the day.

On the bright side, I am taking new pictures every day because of my rule that it has to be taken the day of, and I am posting more because I still have to post the photos, even if late.

So that's yesterday's Photo of the Day. Today's is kind of awesome, and is next.

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Wow, that is so amazingly gorgeous.

D'you think? I like the composition, but I never would have chosen that kind of focus if I hadn't been forced. Or posted this picture if I had alternatives. I guess another feature of doing a photo a day is that stuff I wouldn't otherwise think was good can be judged by other people. :-D

Oblivion is such a fantastic game! I even went as far as bought the Wizard's Tower add on. There's just so many things you can do in the game. One of the few games that I can fanboy about.

I haven't even left Imperial City's environs yet and I'm loving it. I've been exploring the two ruins across the lake from the Prison District and trying to get the Unfriendly Competition quest scripts to trigger. And then I broke all my lockpicks...

What's you're character by the way? I customized my character to create a mage character with block, blade, sneak, conjuration, restoration, destruction, and alteration. I'm obsessed with sneaking around and stealing stuff for money as well. Stealing enabled me to make enough money to buy the various lock pick spells instead of doing the lock pick game.

Yeah, I think I'll skip any class that has Security as a Major skill next time. I'm playing a monk who's in the Thieves' Guild and trying to get into the Mages' Guild. Hand to Hand lets me not be weighed down by a weapon while I'm bringing my loot back to town, Alteration lets me use Feather to carry more loot, and I'm great with the sneaking and the arrow-in-your-eye sneak attacks.

I've got a lot of points in Alchemy too, since I can launder stolen food into Restore Fatigue potions that regular merchants will buy. (They're worth more and lighter, too!) Also, it's great for making poisons. I'm also working on Restoration since I'm a Bosmer and Cure Minor Wounds is a 1st-level gimme spell for them, and it helps to patch me up after the sneak attack isn't enough to take them out in one shot.

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