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Suspended life
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Photo of the Day, 13th December, 2006:

Suspended life, originally uploaded by Saxifrage.

Like deus ex machina, except more log than god.

The strange thing about this shot is that it's the only one I've taken with my cellphone camera in which the sky actually turns out looking like it did in person. I'm stoked about it for that reason alone, let alone the subject and composition.

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Wow. That's just.... odd. I love how everything's slightly blurry except for the log; such a wonderful capture!

Awesome shot. Great lighting, great composition. One of my latest faves for sure!

As you can see from my Flickr stream I'd been trying to get a good shot without much success. Everything just came together for this shot. The only shame is that it wasn't with my good camera, but even so it looks great at this size. Too, if I'd been using the other camera I'd likely not have taken it as spontaneously and my luck would've been different.

Great! I was going to ask. :)

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