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Ontario for Christmas
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I haven't done a Photo of the Day for the last few days. I'm in Ontario for Christmas with darthmaus's family, so the Photo of the Day will be on hiatus until I get back.

Ontario is having strange weather. It's rainy and four degrees out, so it doesn't even feel like I've left Vancouver. The only real indicator that I'm not still at home is the license plates.

On the plane I read halfway through a Karl Schroeder novel, Lady of Mazes. He writes current-generation hard sci-fi and has worked with Cory Doctorow before. If I recall correctly, I can credit icedrake for turning me on to his stuff. He's only published a few novels so far, but this one and the other I've read, Permanence, have been excellent. If you like your sci-fi crunchy but like the story to use the tech rather than take backseat to it, you should try his stuff.