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Hello World.pl
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Hello LJ, how are you?

I posted an entry for the first time ealier today. It's a musing-to-myself private entry not really appropriate for public consumption, but since it marks my return (for now?) I thought I'd say a proper hello.

I'm out of the habit of reading LJ now. What's the most interesting thing I've missed by not reading your journal? Tantalise me! Entice me! Make me crave a daily LJ-fix again!

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khamura cut his hair!

... I'm 26 now. And ...


... we'll get a new vacuum cleaner? This is as exciting as my life is, sadly ;)

And you changed your name.

And had a hurricane! In Germany.

See, you do pay attention ;)

Some, yes. :)

Still, double-ewe tee eff! Hurricane!

My life is much more exciting than LJ, therefore little posting.
Till busy with youth group, DMing, playing, attempting to run a board, working closer to full time than I anticipated, people, some sort of long-distance involvement, and now travelling.

Congratulations! darthmaus is keeping me appraised of developments, so it's not a surprise. But congrats!

'Allo! 'Allo! |D

Been to Japan. Came back. Not much happened. The end. x3

The probably most condensed review of a year I have read so far.

Just the usual... school, random daily stuff, the obligatory whining... same old. =)

Have missed you though!

Life as we know it has changed in a fundamental way visible to only a select few.

I have joined a new religious order and moved to Spain.

Vancouver Island has broken off from the continental shelf and is drifting towards Japan at an alarming rate. It is currently half way there but only the people in Tofino have noticed (nicer waves with all the motion).

Elvis ... still dead.

Well there was a minor zombie outbreak due to some radiation given off by those martian invaders, but I managed to work that out by having the zombies eat the martians. After that of course there was that whole thing with the thumb of Michigan breaking off and then declaring themselves to be a new nation. That was an interesting little war let me tell you.

You never read my LJ anyway, but lately it has has been concerned with stuff that has nothing to do with my life, like the rules of dating and poverty food and the reality of fiction.

Have you heard of and are you (in any way) interested in voting for the new 7 wonders of the world?

No, that's news to me. I'm a bit dubious though... What's the point of compiling a new list? Haven't they been dubbing everything and it's carven dog the Eight Wonder forever?


I'm shocked that the Statue of Liberty is even on the list. At least it seems that not a lot of people have voted for it (it's one of the ones on the list that are in last place).

The winner will be announced in Lisbon in six months.

News says the thing's official. At least real enough to piss off Egypt.

I'm getting married! In, like, 6 weeks or so. That's pretty interesting!


I just understood your LJ name... -_-;

*giggle* It is silly :)

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