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Two more reasons to like Nintendo
Customer service gone shockingly right, a blog entry by Saska @ Vox about how stratospherically-excellent Nintendo's customer service is.

World of Warcraft with Wii remote is a demo and howto video for setting up the Wii remote to control the mouse on a regular computer and, hence, use it as a wireless game controller for WoW or any other suitable game. Jaw-dropping awesomeness. Or at least, as far as I'm concerned, but them I'm a tremendous geek.

Mmm, want to get a Wii...

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The Wii is the first game console I've actually been excited about since, well, ever. Now that my N64 has finally bought the farm, I'm looking forward to some retro gaming experience.

But the crosspost made me wonder if anyone is actually using Vox. None of the early adopters in my neighbourhood have posted since last summer.

Mmm, want to get a Wii...

Just for the raw amusement value of telling people that you are going to stay at home and play with your wee all night.

My cow-orker and I have had this ongoing joke, freaking out our boss with Wii double-entendres, ever since he got one.

Cow-orker: "Hey, can you call this customer back for me? I'll let you play with my Wii..."
Boss: "I DON'T want to HEAR IT!!"

That Wii remote thing was so darn cool.

Wow. That's great customer service. And a good attitude toward fixing things - if you're in the area, come down and get it fixed, rather than dealing with the post. Nintendo wins and shows why they're winning the console wars in this generation.

What really impresses me is that they reset the warranty. When my PS2 went belly up and I sent it back to them under warranty, I was informed that the warranty would last for the remainder of my original year (two months).

If they'd reset it, then when the new PS2 died this week it would still have been under warranty and I wouldn't have had to shell out $120 for a new one.

...I really hate the slimline PS2s. I've had nothing but problems with them. But I don't have $600 for a PS3 yet, so if I wanted to finish FFXII I had to pay.

I want a Wii too. Maybe Best Buy will get them in this week. It's been over a month since their last shipment. I shall cross my fingers.

Hrm. Maybe because Nintendo replaced the unit with a new one, rather than refurbishing the old one and trying to pass that one off...

...or maybe because Nintendo is Just That Awesome.

As for Wii shipments, check on Sunday. From what I keep hearing, Sunday is the day when the shipments get in.

Yeah, I've been getting up early every Sunday for two months so I can check their weekly flyer online. They've repeatedly said that it'll be in the flyer when it comes in.

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