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stipes ex machina
We've got the rings! They match, though they're secretly attuned to our own personal foibles: hers a titanium band, mine stainless steel. You can't tell the difference in material without weighing them side-by-side.

T minus two weeks and two days, and counting.

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YOU! MATTHEW-SHAPED PERSON! Did you get my message??

I did ... but am in no shape to talk to humans at the moment.

Actually made it to work today and accomplished some things but I am in a pretty steep mental haze with associated stomach tightening.

No sture what is wrong with me but I feel like I have not sleep in a week and have an incredibly shrinking stomach disease.

I will call tomorrow when I am feeling more like a person.

OK, no problemo - you feel better soon and gimme a call when you wanna talk, k? *hugs*

Isn't the titanium ring the one you can only remove by amputation?

BTDT, had the 10K ring cut off my finger.

sorry for the deleted post, signed on as estrellada by mistake

"Ring only removable by amputation—now that's commitment!"

did I forget to say "congratulations"?


Maybe, and if you didn't then we have DOUBLE CONGRATULATIONS. We will possibly explode?

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