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There are birds singing outside my window this morning. This reminds me that I was intending to write a post yesterday about how damned warm it was when I stepped out the door for class. Granted, it's a 1:30 class so I was leaving just before noon.

Still, although it was the height of the day, it was the first day since sometime in fall that the air itself was warm on the skin. More than the crocuses pushing up and blooming or the trees starting to bud, that feeling of warm air says to me that a major shift has happened. That feeling, and the smell of dewy grass, turned a dial in my brain to "Spring". I had a very upbeat and pleasant day after that, despite getting a Serious Matters email earlier that morning that might impact my plans for the next year. I just couldn't feel too troubled about it, in the greater scheme of things.

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It feels a lot like spring here as well. It's actually above freezing, I think around 3c at the moment, and the walk home was so nice... I don't think I even needed my jacket, though I wore it anyway out of convenience.

The snow was melting, there were birds flitting everywhere, there was sun on my face and a warm breeze... so nice.

I was thinking about our conversation this afternoon and how you'd like to dip your toe into the research game -- and I came across this! Tony Herdman, the beamformer guy I mentioned, is actually looking for a research assistant to work in his lab. The research they do there is cogsy and they use imaging (fun!). Thought you might want to check it out because he seems to be describing you in his blurb about who he wants ;)


The Human Biomagnetism Laboratory is accepting applications for part-time Research Assistants. The positions are suitable for undergraduate/graduate students with backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience, and/or computing sciences.

Training will be provided in standardized behavioural assessments and in cutting-edge magnetoencephalography (MEG) techniques. Individuals who work well with children (ages 5-12 years) and/or who have good computer skills (knowledge of Linux, Matlab, other programming) are particularly encouraged to apply.

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