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Pictures of my brain
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In slightly less than a month I will be getting my brain scanned for SCIENCE.

I'm participating in an MRI brain-imaging study focusing on the difference between tone-deaf and not tone-deaf individuals. It's being done by Steven Brown, a really interesting researcher whose research focus is on the neurological aspects of creativity.

I expect I will soon have a damned awesome LJ icon made of the anatomical images from my MRI session.

Incidentally, he's looking for more participants. They need more tone-deaf individuals, particularly males. A stipulation is that participants must not have had much formal training in music (more than a year or two) since it'll reduce the difference between the two conditions too much to get useful data. So, alas, all you musically-talented people who I know aren't eligible to participate. The other limit is that there can't be any metal in your body (the MRI has huge freaking magnets that would rip it out), and you can't be claustrophobic because it involves an hour in a tube.

So, wanna get pictures of your brain?

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Do it for SCIENCE!

We'll have matching brain scans that we can COMPARE with each other! I'm so excited. BRAINS!

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