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A cornucopeia of linktastic goodness
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Jordan Matter is a New York photographer. Among many other projects is Uncovered: Busting Out in the Big Apple. What most people don't know is that it's legal for women to go topless in New York. Matter photographs women around New York, doing what they'd normally be doing, except without a top. It's posed photography, and yet has an indelible authenticity to it. Thoughts from the subjects about the project accompany some of the photos and lend even more a sense of authenticity to the photos. In the words of Matter, the project "creat[es] the illusion of a tolerant world in which shirtless women go casually about their lives." It's what New York might look like in a world where puritanical and prurient values didn't force women to treat their bodies as different from mens'. Follow the link and click the thumbnail to see the entire collection.

The Shape of a Mother is a blog-style site where people share pictures of mothers in order to uncover the secrecy surrounding the changes that come with motherhood. As well as photos, posters share their stories and ask for and receive advice on everything from coming to terms with stretch marks, to dealing with the loss of a child, to how to quit smoking. (One poster's advice: only smoke a brand of cigarettes that you hate.)

That site reminded me of another wonderful site: The Normal Breasts Photos Gallery. Photos that appear in the popular media aren't representative of the normal human range of body shapes and details, and it's even less so for women's breasts. Men should see this site because most see far more breasts which are fashion industry–approved than those which are part of the real women they pass everyday. Women should see this site because, though they may see more breasts of real women than the average man does, there is still a huge stigma for deviating from the "standard"—a standard that is based on a vanishingly small percentage of real women.

Bible mad-libs. Hilarity, and also an excellent comic. Also from Wondermark: Girls aren't always comfortable in the role of idealized object. Deep social commentary plus fart jokes. What more can you ask for?

The Topfree Equal Rights Association agitates for womens' right to go as bare-chested as men. Did you know that it was illegal for men to be topless in public in the US until the 1930s, when Clark Gable appeared in a topless scene in It Happened One Night? As in almost all things, the same rights for women lag far behind. Their site is pretty low-fi and not very gripping initially, but I encourage anyone to scroll through the front page and read the news items. It's at once heartening how widespread the laws that allow women to go topfree are, and disheartening to read how little that freedom is actually being used or even accepted by society at large. There are also lots of links to fascinating things people are doing.

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Excellent links! Thanks for sharing. =)

Red eye.. winked at me.. aaah!


(Hey, whose brain is that? Did you get your brain scanned for SCIENCE already?)

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