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Oh yeah, and when I posted that it was T minus two days and two weeks to the wedding? Someone please explain to me how I could think even for a moment that a week has twelve days in it. WTF?

Anyway, T minus 10 days and counting. I'm pretty sure.

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I still think that icon is uber awesome.

And is it only 10 days? Wow... I was vaguely aware it was a week from Saturday, but 10 days somehow sounds a lot shorter.

And now it's even sooner, to quote They Might Be Giants. :) Only a week until your flight.

hee hee, you're too flustered to think straight!

Yeah, that's it! Yeah, I'm gonna go with that excusereason.

Okay, now I'm just lost. What is the date for the wedding? Is this something along with the hour change thing? Am I still lost in time?

Nah, I've just managed to be very confusing. It's March 24th, two Saturdays from now.

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