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Today, we're getting married.

In the past week lots of people have remarked on how calm I am, or asked me whether I'm nervous or what. I just keep telling them that the whole thing has been planned such that we can enjoy it and not get stressed and freak out. It's worked so far!

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and a mighty yay for you ...

I wish you the most efficacious transfer of land in the union of your two houses.

*rofl*! :-D

I guess getting married is a slightly silly thing for me to do since I don't believe in land ownership, at least from a historical perspective.

Now I understand that congrats are due to you also for your recent SFSS election victory, so congrats! I trust you'll serve us well (otherwise, I wouldn't have voted for ya).

Nervous schmervous! You're having a simple, beautiful wedding - nothing'll go wrong; and it's not like you have traditional Christian things to worry about like moving in or first nights together ;)

Have fun, and congratulations!

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