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For the DSM-V
mri scan
Harry Potter syndrome

Harry Potter syndrome occurs in people who witness the growth of a fanbase increase exponentially and react negatively to the popularity and associated hype. Symptoms include apathy, sneering at fans for jumping on a bandwagon, throwing their hands up at the abundance of mainstream attention for the subject of their apathy, and reluctance to actually expose themselves to whatever is the focus of the fans for fear of getting caught up in the popularity frenzy.

Harry Potter syndrome can be in reaction to anything which has suddenly become very popular, not just the Harry Potter franchise after which it is named. In fact, it is hypothesised that very few sufferers of Harry Potter-related Harry Potter syndrome actually exist today due to the popularity of the books being generally recognised as well-justified. Other sources of Harry Potter syndrome include Napoleon Dynamite, Firefly, Apple computers, and barbecue kitten, though this list is not exhaustive or accurate.

Harry Potter syndrome is related to Indy Kid syndrome, but is distinct. While in HPS, sufferers are generally unaware of the qualities that have inspired a subject's popularity, sufferers of IKS already know how good their favourite indy bands are and inexplicably (and sadly) develop a dislike due to their rise in popularity. The commonality is only that the distaste for the subject arises solely from its perceived popularity rather than the actual quality or lack thereof of the subject.

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That's well done, and kind of cute. But isn't band snobbery just another male-competitive thing?

Just asking.

Thank you. I think it shows off my thalami nicely.

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