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Utter, debilitating hilarity / Video game music
berzerker candy heart
You simply have to see these: I Has a Bucket, Steelin som foodz.

The rest of them are great, too.

Also in the awesomeness department: "Get it Together" by The Go! Team is apparently on the in-game soundtrack for the PS3 game LittleBigPlanet if this Game Developers Conference 2007 trailer is anything to go by. It does make excellent video game music. Also, that game looks like stupid amounts of fun. Yay for bringing back the 2D platformer tradition with excellently-rendered 3D environments!

Although, it is somewhat bizarre to hear existing music by bands I know featured as video game music. I know it's been done before with pop music being inserted into games, y'know, as recognisable pop songs, but this is the level's musical background and the track just naturally sounds like video game music of yore. It's great and weird.

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(Deleted comment)
Innit great? The whole CD is good.


I will trade my hands...



You're welcome to it! Just mention my name in the description thingy if you do use it.

Totally want to rip off the balls and fuck till dawn your icon.

That is too cool by far!

...I'm planning on coming up to SFU on Monday to do some photocopies... coffee?

Classes are out now... but I still have two essays due Tuesday. When are you going to be up there? That might motivate me to go up to the library and actually look at a paper journal instead of just digging through the electronic ones. :)

I was going to photocopy documents for the government... but I've been delayed by housing...

I have been delayed by far-too-comfortable morning. You've got my cell number? Gimme a call if and when you're heading campus-ward.

I've lost your cell number... got a new phone and didn't manage to move all my contacts over.. Email me your new one?
I probably won't be up to campus today, but sometime later this week

... And I've lost your email address. ^^

Drop me a note at saxifrage00 at livejournal and then I'll have yours and I'll email you back with my cell number (and my real email address).

Yay for modern communication..?

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