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Killing ourselves softly
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Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising's Image of Women (via inri33)

"What advertising tells us about women, is how important it is how we look."

"...how much power this gives young women, but how short-lived and unfulfilling it is."

Wouldn't a world where young girls/women are neither considered sexually powerful nor objectified sexually be a nicer world? (When was the last time a young boy was considered socially powerful?) It's not a matter of taking women down from a sexual pedestal. Advertising is continually putting women back up on that pedestal. That pedestal is a place where women are both perceived as powerful and victimised to "take them down a notch" by sick individuals—ranging from biting criticism from other women (mild socio-cultural sickness) to outright violence. "Advertising is [also] about cutting girls down to size.... The body language is passive..." It's a complete circle, isn't it? Be powerful and sexy, but don't be too obvious about it, and don't get in the way no matter what, eh?

And people wonder why women are stereotyped as being manipulative; it's all women are offered culturally.

No, it's not all just advertising, and a focus on advertising as the culprit wouldn't change enough. It's a cultural ideal that exists in a feedback loop with advertising. It reenforces it, we reenforce it, we say "advertising doesn't affect me", and then we don't think about how it might when we act socially and culturally.

It's a half-hour video that's worth seeing no matter who you are. Change starts and ends in individuals, and a better world is all our responsibility.

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I love it when you talk "responsibility", it kind of makes me hot.

By the way, I thought I would add that this is totally true, I think that some of the dichotomies that exist in this world are so heartbreaking.

In Iranian culture, the objectification of woman is especially true, if you're interested, check out "Embroideries" by Marji Satrapi- great book!

Thanks for this link. The ads targeting children are especially sad.

Fortunately for me, most ads do not target cats.

I remember that flick... definately worth the watch... more than once, even. "This girl has not attained the bad taste of developing pores.." or something like... I loved it.

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