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Honeymoon, in short
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Kelowna is nice. There are notes of social progressiveness and alternity among the conservative Alberta-inspired Church-going cowpokery, and the people are generally nice. Irritatingly aggressive drivers, though. And it's beautiful there. There is good food to be had.

Wine country is fun. Our "cellar" is well-stocked now.

Travelling by charter bus beats plane and car by a lot. It's cheaper than a plane trip and (considering the travel between airports and the interminably wait times and delays) it's probably just about as fast. Also, you can take more winecargo home with you. The view is much better, too.

There are bunnehs and quail just sort of wandering all over town. We enjoyed that.

Hottubs, books, and glasses of wine are a great way to spend entire days of a honeymoon.

Gym climbing is fun and I'm going to keep at it. My wrists and the backs of my hands ache in ways I've never experienced before, but it's a good ache, I think.