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On the state of Christian religion
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Y'know, I sometimes think that one of these days I'm going to turn around and discover that I'm a Christian. However, I am comforted by the fact that should that come true, my religion would be unrecognisable to most any Christian who subscribed to an identifiable denomination or church.

Not that it would be a very strange and bizarre version of Christianity. No, it's more a comment on how unlike a Christian most Christians seem to be. I mean really—adopting a mass produced personal relationship with Jesus doesn't really cut it in His eyes.*

And the current Christian-culture notion of being "saved" meaning that you don't really need to do anything else to be a good person is the most spiritually lazy idea currently on the table. He died to fix the mistake made in the Fall from Grace, but he did and taught a lot of important things while he lived that seem to take back seat these days.

* Mind, this is referring to the bizarre form that modern evangelism takes. I'm not a personal fan of organised religion, but it is what many people are looking for and fits for them. It's just the idea of going out and peddling a religion like cheap snake oil that makes me sad.

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December is going to be very interesting for me. It will be a time when I will hopefully find a suitable idea of what Christianity is and what everyone else seems to be doing.

But I agree with you that whatever it turns out to be, it is going to be something very different than the versions we see out there. Organized religion doesn't have the pull on people it used to have, not unless you were born into it. This seems to be one of the things I found in Satanism- the old religions (or at least the way we see them now) are not enough anymore. We need new religions, new denominations. New ideas.

Interfaith marriage?

So long as you don't mind if one of these days I turn around and discover that I'm a Buddhist. Really, proper Christians and proper Buddhists should get along quite well anyway.

Jesus is cool - I just can't really get my head around the Christian concept of God. Not that there's anything *wrong* with it - it just doesn't fit well in my head.

disorganized religion

You'd both be more than welcome to hang out in any Unitarian congregation.

Re: disorganized religion

Yeah, I dig Unitarians, and used to go to church regularly (my girlfriend at the time was in seminary - I just googled her and am happy to see that she's permanently installed with her own congregation, but a little shocked to find that it's in Missouri! http://www.uuworld.org/about/authors/kristataves.shtml, http://www.emersonuuchapel.org/sermindex.html). If I were actually going to regularly participate in organized religion, it would probably be Unitarian.

Re: disorganized religion

Interesting how they call her a "native Canadian".

And you might want to consider it if you want religious education for your kids.

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